Two years.

I shouldn’t be surprised. If it’s not a decent television series or one of my favorite comedians, I’m not really known for my staying power. I just seem to choose things to do and then forget about them, like a particularly wishy-washy goldfish. I can’t even remember the last time I finished a project – any project.

  • I’ve got four blogs. Well, had.
  • I wanted to learn how to draw in thirty days. I can’t even count how many days its been since I picked up a pencil.
  • I wanted to lose weight through yoga this year. I lasted two weeks into January, with a scattering of days here and there.
  • I wanted to play the ukelele, for music and Hawaii reasons. ‘Nuff said.

Most of all, I wanted to be a blog mom, one of those perky pastel kitchen queens with big smiles and perfect food photography (Seriously, how can they make oatmeal look so luscious?). Not to imply that all successful bloggers fit that cookie-cutter description, but here in the Philippines, they certainly seem to be the most popular ones. They deserve it too: they put in the time, the patience, the wordage.

They did that. I didn’t.

But I want to now. As someone who’s reaching her third decade on this lovely Earth, I should have something to leave behind, a mark that I made, a legacy I can be remember for. Even if it’s just a teensy corner of the interwebs.

I should stop procrastinating and just do.

So I am. The new moon was yesterday, and now as the big beautiful silver ball starts to show her face again, so should I start to write and learn and blog along with her.

I rejoined The Magical Circle School, a free online school that aims to help the solitary witch in her quest to find the magic, wherever that may be. I’m doing the Entrance Exam at the moment, and it’s slow-going, but I know it’s going to be worth it. The school has had some negative press, but so far I’ve neither seen or experienced anything that would make me nope out of studying. I’m just really looking forward to a community to learn with. I’ve always liked study groups. Once I’ve been in the school for a few months, I’ll do a proper review on it and share my experience.

Aside from that, I should look into finding other bloggers with like minds. If one should happens to drop by, don’t be afraid to say hello!