‘2. A myth or story from folklore. ‘

-LittleCityWitch (Tumblr)

Now this question calls for a bit of a think. From what I’ve read on pagan blogs, the myths that stay with a witch are the ones that shape their faith. I love mythology- Greek, Norse, African, Native American, you name it. I have my favorite gods, almost all Tricksters in Nature, and my favorite stories. The thing is, I wouldn’t classify them as life-changing for me. It’s a bummer, but there you go.

There is one story that has stayed with me though. I remember my imagination lighting up when I read it as a child, and I always classified it as one of my must-reads, no matter how simple it was.

Heidi, by Johanna Spyri.

Simple, right?

Other people’s childhood books would be Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan, but not me. I always loved how clear and innocent everything was between those pages. For me, there’s nothing as good as clean mountain air, freshly baked bread and goat’s cheese- and that’s coming from someone who, until her early twenties, never experienced any of those things before! I was a very sheltered child (by choice, now that I think about it) and Heidi seemed like the ideal best friend. Someone who was outgoing and outdoorsy and active was just a cover away, and I adored her.

Perhaps that’s where I get my love of the environment from. I can’t stand litter or obvious signs of pollution because I don’t want to sully Heidi’s beautiful snow-capped Alps. That’s one of my life goals: to experience Switzerland firsthand, and it’s all thanks to Ms. Johanna Spyri.