‘1. What’s your witchy background?

-LittleCityWitch (Tumblr)

At some point, anyone who dabbles in religious philosophy will encounter a question like this. Nowadays, it’s not enough to say Christian, Muslim or pagan- it has to be Greek Orthodox Christian, Shi’i Muslim or Dianic Wiccan. It feels like the deconstruction of a religion, breaking it down to its many different parts. It gets all too confusing for me.

To tell the truth, I’m not a religious or even an overly spiritual person. I come from a family of Christmas-and-Easter churchgoers who have evolved, over time, into Sunday mass regulars with very social church groups. I go to a local Charismatic group with them sometimes, and I enjoy the teachings and sing-alongs. My own personal faith is very bland though. I’m naturally a morose and morbid person and I just like taking things one day at a time. I don’t lend myself to deep metaphysical or philosophical thinking very often because it might send me down a very unpleasant spiral. Then there’s no way back up except through a box of donuts.

When people ask me my religion (off the cuff, as they do around here), I just answer with an automatic ‘Catholic’. 90% of Filipinos are Catholic, the rest are either Muslim or  a miscellaneous mish-mash. By how alone I feel, probably only 0.01% of the Philippine population are practicing witches or neo-pagans. Yep, on those days when I’m feeling existential, I feel very alone indeed.

So what do I believe?

A is for AnimismThe umbrella definition of ‘animism’ is that it is a belief that everything has a spirit. Going by that term , I would possibly classify myself as a part-time or agnostic animist. Yes, I believe in nature spirits and house spirits, but I don’t think the rock at the bottom of the garden or the sofa have spirits. For me, it simply means the Earth is alive. It might not be sentient in a way we understand it, but I believe that She is. I honor the Earth in my own small way. I may not be overly strict with my recyclables, but I’m making an effort. I make a point not to litter, and I have my work cut out making sure the rest of my family doesn’t litter as well. I used to tithe when I was working, but now that I’m a Stay-at-Home Mom (SAHM), I was thinking of putting together a care package for an orphanage, as well as donate to wildlife conservation. The world goes round, and I say every little bit helps.

1 question down, 44 more to go 🙂